Tiny Linux



Security Technology Chessboard

The smartest firewall in the world with 3 unique firewall layouts in today's society. Using solid and innovative iptables and it makes it easy to use and runs powerfully on a linux host system. The powerful tiny linux firewall together with linux server makes it safe and secure with high performance. We are people with high computational psychology training, creating totally creative things of society to use.
Absolutely secure webpanel, our software runs into secure the linux server and leaves a web panel complete toolkit for used for the customer website such as create web hosting account and backup data. Our softwares are tiny linux firewall, web server firewall, modsecurity rules control, reverse proxy panel and backup system software. Technology security solution is on the client's server after running the tiny linux firewall.
Server Hardening
Security technology chessboard properly computation, our softwares run to setup firewalls and two web servers on one linux server. Two web servers nginx and httpd run properly by our technological skill and there is no problem leading access over a single ip through two separate ports with different web server following method "nginx reverse proxy" nginx transfers the traffics to one or more web servers behind invisible. It is together with other security makes server safe and secure with high performance.

CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian
Installation Version OS
Tiny Linux Firewall 1.3 Multiple
Tiny Linux Firewall Webpanel 1.5 Multiple
Tiny Linux Firewall Compile 1.3 Multiple

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